Lifestyle Shoot

For the lifestyle component of the photo shoot I want to accomplish a few things--when I shoot lifestyle I want to make it look as natural as possible. I want the viewer to look at the photos and not see models but see themselves in that environment. I work well with making the models relaxed and creating a comfortable work environment, if they are having a good time it will show through the images without looking forced. Paired with the beautiful backdrop of wine country this will help us create elegant but natural images. 



I want the light to be warm, inviting and natural. I want to use as minimal artificial light as possible and focus on shooting locations during the right time of day.


Harvest / Documentary Shoot

Observing is the key, capturing the right moments at the right time of day. I love this type of shoot, its just carefully capturing whats already happening during harvest season. I shot for winery in Oregon for years and was most recently brought to Peru for some wineries and distilleries to document their everyday functions. I'm familiar with what happens during harvest so I can make sure to be in the right place at the right time.